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  Opening of Sirivilasa

After a lengthy restoration Barberyn commissioned the ancestral home “Sirivilasa” in September 2013. The beautiful old house with its exquisite wood work has been in the Rodrigo family for over 120 years. It was to initially house a traditional medicine making facility and the research functions of the Institute and later extend to Ayurveda consulting services particularly for research purposes.

Three auspicious times had been given by the Astrologers after checking the horoscope of the four owners of Barberyn - time to enter the house, time to boil the milk, and time to start work activities.

The images below tell the story of the first day with all the Sri Lankan traditions that Barberyn helps to nurture.

Entering the house at the auspicious time- 10.34 am looking North

Tray of offerings taken into the house – full pot of water, milk rice, ghee, flowers, rice, spices, fruits,
split rice (like popcorn), incense

Auspicious time to keep the milk on the fire the milk - 10.48 am looking North.
The pot contained milk, sandal wood powder, raw tumeric, a few drops of coconut milk, and a silver coin

The fire glows: aromatic wood used for the fire included:
sandal wood, red sandalwood, Devadara (cedrus deodara) and lime stems

The owners of Barberyn (the children of the founder of Barberyn) share a moment of joy

Working closely as always, Mily from Barberyn Beach and Geetha

The 3rd generation of the family (the grand children of the founder) learning the business

The Institute physicians, Dr Chaturanga and Dr Ayhma, with Barberyn consultant physician
Dr P. M. Chandrasiri who is also the Director Academic of the Institute of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine.

Auspicious time to start work – 11.15 am Dr Chandrasiri takes the pulse the traditional way


Current activity

One year later Sirivilasa is buzzing with activity. The medicine making is well underway and the facility is providing most of the medicine required by Barberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort Beruwala, and Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort. 

The physicians have continued to work with the Ruhuna University and new plant information has been added to the Ayurveda Medicinal Plant web site which is an ongoing work. The team is also getting ready to undertake some clinical research on some of the illnesses for which Ayurveda is known to have medicine but scientific evidence is not available.