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Pyrus communis L.
Scientific Synonyms:

Previous name used in the website: Pyrus communis
Family name: ROSACEAE
English name: Common Pear
European Pear
Bhutan Pear
Sinhala name: Peyas (පෙයාස් )
Tamil name: Perikay
Naattu Peri
Sanskrit name: Available soon
Conservation status: Available soon
Description: Small tree to 7 m tall. Leaves 4-8 cm long, -5 cm broad, rounded at base; petiole 1.5-5 cm long. Inflorescence in corymb or umbellate racemes or few-flowered clusters, glabrous; pedicel 1.5-5 cm long; petals white or pink; stamens 20, in two rows. Fruit pyriform, with persistent calyx lobes, very warty
Native Distribution Status: Only under cultivation
Edible parts: Fruit
Treatment for: Available soon
Parts used in Treatment: Available soon
Related Medical Properties: Available soon
Further Information: Kew Garden’s Medicinal Plant Names Services

Image will be available soon