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Cyperus pangorei
Scientific name: Cyperus pangorei
Previous name used in the website:
Family name: CYPERACEAE
English name:
Local name: Hewan pan (හැවන් පන්) %
Tamil name:
Sanskrit name:
Conservation status: Least concerned (NCS 2012)
Description: Perennial. Rhizome decumbent, clothed with brown scales. Culms laxly tufted or arranged in a row along the rhizome, subaphyllous, stiffy erect, light green. Leaves reduced to 4 – 6 subaphyllous sheaths surrounding culm-base; base, if developed, patent; the lowest sheaths cataphylloid, herbaceous, cinnamon-coloured to purplish-brown; the uppermost obliquely truncate at orifice. Anthela compound, lax; bracts 4 or 5, patent, all surpassing the anthela. Spikes ovate, lax, bearing 5 – 14 spikelets
Status: Native
Edible parts: None
Ayurvedic usage:

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