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Diospyros racemosa
Scientific name: Diospyros racemosa
Previous name used in the website:
Family name: EBENACEAE
English name:
Local name: Kaha kala (කහකෑල) / Kaluwella (කළුවැල්ල) #
Tamil name:
Sanskrit name:
Conservation status: Vulnerable (NCS 2012)
Description: Tree up to 20 m high and 40 cm diam. with black or dark greyish brown bark. Leaves alternate, thinly coriaceous, glabrous, glossy, elliptic to oblong to lanceolate or ovate-oblong, shortly acuminate, base acute or rounded. Male inflorescence in axil of caducous bract or leaf, in the simplest case a cyme of 3 flowers, in more complex ones the dichotomy is repeated, c. 12 flowers, yellow,fragrant. Female flowers solitary or cymose on the lower part of young shoots in axil of small bract or leaf, corolla yellowish white. Fruit ovoid-ellipsoid to subglobose, top flattened, yellowish, smooth, covered with very short brown hairs.
Status: Native
Edible parts: None
Ayurvedic usage:

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