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Xylopia nigricans
Scientific name: Xylopia nigricans
Previous name used in the website:
Family name: ANNONACEAE
English name:
Local name: Heen kenda (හීන් කැන්ද) #
Tamil name:
Sanskrit name:
Conservation status: NT (NCS)-2012
Description: A tree up to 18 m tall. Leaf blade 3 – 10 cm long, 2 – 4 cm wide, elliptical, acute at base, gradually or rather abruptly acuminate at apex; without pellucid points, minutely puberulous on the lower surface when young, glabrate with age. Flowers 2 – 5 in sessile or very short-peduncled cymes, the peduncle up to 1 mm long. Fruitlets 1 – 5, green, dehiscent and curling back exposing the red endocarp. Seeds 6 – 10, blue.
Status: Endemic
Edible parts: None
Ayurvedic usage:

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