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Grewia helicterifolia Wall. ex G.Don
Scientific Synonyms:

Previous name used in the website: Grewia helicterifolia
Family name: MALVACEAE
English name: Available soon
Sinhala name: Bora daminiya (බොර දමණිය)
Boru daminiya (බොරුදමණිය )
Tamil name: Taviddai
Sanskrit name: Available soon
Conservation status: LC - Least Concerned - NRL - 2020
Description: Tree to 10 m tall. Leaf blade usually markedly inequilaterel, narrowly oblong-ovate, narrowly ovate, or ovate, rounded on one side and obtuse on the other sige at the base,acuminate to long-acuminate apically, the margins serrulate, 11X 3.7 cm, memoranous, slightly discolorous, minutely stellate-pubescent above, glaucous-stellate-tomentellous beneath. Inflorescence axillary, 1-few in each axil, the umbels 3 - 5-flowered. Fruit globose, c. 5 mm in diameter, dark purplish when mature, tawny when dry, tomentellous.
Native Distribution Status: Native
Edible parts: Wild Fruit
Treatment for: Available soon
Parts used in Treatment: Available soon
Related Medical Properties: Available soon
Further Information: Kew Garden’s Medicinal Plant Names Services

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